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SOCHI 2014

EUROWATER is proud to announce that we have supplied water treatment technology for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. The ice made from the water treated in a specially designed frame mounted water treatment plant is for the speed skating rink. Speed skating requires very high quality ice for both performance and safety reasons. The water treatment plant provided ensures the highest quality speed skating ice free of particles, bubbles and salts.

Building the water treatment plant - time-lapse

Time-lapse film about the construction of the frame mounted plant. Double click the video to watch in full screen.

Water for the fast track

Milliseconds count in speed skating. When Kazakhstan won the bid to host the 2011 Asian Winter Games, it was decided to build a large ice stadium in Astana.

The task to create the fastest ice possible was entrusted to Bertus Butter and Marcel Boukens – two reknown Dutch specialists in the field. Special treatment of the water for preparation of the ice was one of their novel ideas. EUROWATER delivered a plant for treatment to the exact quality requested by the Dutch experts. Apparently, it worked well. Nine continental records were set during the Games, and the water treatment, according to Marcel Boukens, played a substantial role in making the ice rink a “fast track”.

No malfunctions tolerated

For the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, EUROWATER has supplied a similar plant. The plant was produced and frame mounted at EUROWATER’s factory in Denmark.

As always, Olympic Games are prestige projects. Certainly, the organisers would not like to have their events disrupted by technical malfunctions. They requested a thoroughly tested and entirely reliable plant. Fortunately, this is one of the core competencies of EUROWATER.

In addition, the plant was designed for low consumption of both water and energy.

The Plant

A WTP-F from EUROWATER is a complete frame-mounted water treatment plant. It comes pre-assembled with all internal piping and wiring and is performance and pressure tested before shipping. This provides optimum safety, compact footprint, and minimum onsite installation. The plant is ready for use upon delivery, just connect water and power!

 Frame mounted water treatment plant for Sochi 2014

3D model of the water treatment plant for the Olympic Winter Games 2014. Click to view larger version.


The plant consist of a series of treatment steps. The raw water provided has already been treated to conform to drinking water standards at the local waterworks. The water treatment plant therefore is designed to filter out residual colloids and particles, remove possibe chlorine residue, reduce hardness and remove salts/ions to a specified level. At certain points the water is heated with heat exchangers, which reduces the amount of air and bubbles in the water significantly, ensuring a clear and homogoneous ice quality.

Treated water Units in the WTP-F plant
Flow.......2 x 5 m3/h Mechanical filters 2 x EF5
Conductivity<20 µS/cm Activated carbon filters 2 x ACP 1801
  Duplex softener SMP 1202
  Reverse osmosis units 2 x C4-4
  CIP unit
  Central PLC control cabinet


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